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Here are a few simple demos of using blockstart.css to create copies of landing pages. Copying other websites is a great way to learn web development. The text in the demos is either taken from the "inspiration" site, or is from hipster ipsum.

WARNING The entire point of this project is to remove irrelevant details in the beginning of a project. Making a web page work on every imaginable aspect ratio just so Google and Apple don't have to make their browsers work correctly is exactly the kind of detail people should ignore when they start. What that means is NONE of these demos work on mobile. Maybe they do, maybe they don't, but they are on desktop because I use a desktop to make them and that's the easiest start. Nothing prevents you from starting with moblile using blockstart.css if you like "mobile first", so don't take me avoiding it in the start as some indication of a flaw. It's a choice, and I am aware of it.

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