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Epic Supporter Pack

This is a special version of my site's various products requested by people who wish to support my work. The Epic Supporter Pack is a single purchase that gives you permanent access to everything I've made on "Learn Code the Hard Way" and everything I make in the future here. Buying this helps me more than you know, and allows me to do special things like my free painting course. Thank you in advance for supporting my work. It means more to me than you could possibly imagine.

Course Contents

This course contains the following modules and lessons. Every course offers free samples of the first 10 lessons so you can decide if you want to take the course, and excerpts from all lessons after that.

Epic Supporter Pack

A one-time purchase that gives you everything I've ever made, and everything I'll make in the future. Price is discounted based on past purchases.

Simple Price: $199 USD

Simple 30 day refund policy.

I don't use cheap tricks to get you to buy my courses. No fake countdowns. No random "sales". Just one simple price because I assume you're a smart person.