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Exercise 46: blog

You should have your process theme written up as described in the beginning of this section, and you should have your process listed out and ready to go. To get started we'll make a totally new tool called blog as a warm-up for the rest of this section.

You should take this project slowly and try not to rush it. The goal is not to be a fast programmer. It's better to build speed fluidly and slowly by methodically going slow until how you work is simply second nature. If you always rush, then you'll be sloppy.

Make sure to keep your notebook handy and track facts and metrics about your work. You are trying to see if there's a process that will work for you as a method of working later. Not all methods work all the time, which is why I've tried to teach you various tactics and strategies for working that are used by many different programmers. If you do this project and you find out that something you did didn't work, then your notes will help you find out why. Change it up for the next project and see if something else works better.

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