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41: A Project Skeleton

This exercise is completely optional, but useful if you want to create your own package to use in other projects. I will show you how to create a project for your code, install it locally in your conda environment, and use it. I won't cover how to publish it to PyPI or Anaconda's channels but there's plenty of documentation online if you get to that point.

As you go through this documentation you'll run into dead ends where the install doesn't work. Any time you run into errors I recommend you delete your test_project and try it again. Usually it's because you missed a step, and attempting the install again will probably get it right. This works for almost any software you need to install.

Activate an Environment

Whatever you do, do not test this while in the base environment. Switch to the lpythw environment or any one that you have already:

conda activate lpythw

This will ensure that if you break the environment with your install you can remove it and recover.

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