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Created by Zed A. Shaw Updated 2024-02-17 04:54:36

Exercise 48: A Simple Network Server

We now start the part of the book where you do a long-running, more involved project in a series of exercises. The last five exercises will present the problem of creating a simple network server in a similar fashion as you did with the logfind project. I'll describe each phase of the project, you'll attempt it, and then you'll compare your implementation to mine before continuing.

These descriptions are purposefully vague so that you have the freedom to attempt to solve the problems on your own, but I'm still going to help you. Included with each of these exercises are two videos. The first video shows you how the project for the exercise should work, so you can see it in action and try to emulate it. The second video shows you how I solved the problem, so you can compare your attempt to mine. Finally, you'll have access to all of the code in the GitHub project, so you can see real code by me.

You should attempt the problem first, then after you get it working (or if you get totally stuck), go watch the second video and take a look at my code. When you're done, you can either keep using your code, or just use mine for the next exercise.

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