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Exercise 0: The Setup

This book will use SQLite3 as a training tool. SQLite3 is a complete database system that has the advantage of requiring almost no setup. You just download a binary and work it like most other scripting languages. Using this, you'll be able to learn SQL without getting stuck in the administrivia of administering a database server.

Installing SQLite3 is easy:

When you've installed it, then make sure you can start up a command line and run it. Here's a quick test for you to try:

$ sqlite3 test.db
SQLite version 3.7.8 2011-09-19 14:49:19
Enter ".help" for instructions
Enter SQL statements terminated with a ";"
sqlite> create table test (id);
sqlite> .quit

Then look to see that the test.db file is there. If that works, then you're all set. You should make sure that your version of SQLite3 is the same as the one I have here: 3.7.8. Sometimes things won't work right with older versions.

Additional Tools You'll Need

You will also need to have the following additional tools:

Once you have that all setup, you are ready to go.

Video Installation Instructions

There is one video for each platform included with this book that you can watch to learn how to install what you need. There really is not much to install, since you just need SQLite3, a little Python, and a text editor. The videos are more for people who are just starting out and not as familiar with their computers. To use the Ex0 videos do this:

Debian Exercise 0

There is a special video that shows you how to install a complete Debian Linux virtual machine with all the tools from scratch. If you are interested in eventually becoming a Database Administrator then I highly recommend you go through this video and the Command Line Crash Course (see below). Doing this will be difficult if you have no Linux system administration experience, but most database systems are running on Linux these days, so learning how to set it up and work with it is very useful. Even Microsoft's cloud platform supports Linux, Windows now supports Linux, and they have fully embraced Open Source.

Command Line Crash Course

You can read the Command Line Crash Course if you need to learn how to use the command line. You don't need to be a Unix master, but basic knowledge is necessary for most database administration these days. The Command Line is also a good tiny step into programming as it gets you into "talking" to your computer using commands.

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