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Learn SQL the Hard Way

UPDATE PENDING: The current state of this course is a quick set of lessons to learn the basics of SQL using SQLite3. This course will receive a refresh soon that will expand it to be a more complete course in not just SQL, but also data design and management. Pre-order now to lock in the lower price before this refresh is announced.

Course Contents

This course contains the following modules and lessons. Every course offers free samples of the first 10 lessons so you can decide if you want to take the course, and excerpts from all lessons after that.

Module Learn SQL the Hard Way

An introductory course in the SQL programming data language.

Learn SQL the Hard Way

A complete course in SQL and data design for any programmer or data scientist.

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Pre-order purchases get a reduced price and have a chance to shape the course with their feedback, but have to wait for the course to be finished.