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You now know the very basic level of SQL. I wouldn't presume to say you are competent in SQL at all. I'd say you have learned enough to now go read another book about SQL. You could stop here and probably do just fine tinkering with databases or investigating why they are broken. That's true. But if you really want to become a SQL expert, then I suggest you read the following books:

  • Joe Celko's SQL For Smarties is massive, but it is a complete course in everything SQL. You could probably read just this book and learn all you need.

  • Joe Celko's Trees and Hierarchies in SQL is another excellent book if you ever have to make a tree data structure in a SQL database. It's also just a good book for expanding your brain in the realm of SQL.

NOTE: I'll be expanding this section with more books and adding links in the near future.

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