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Created by Zed A. Shaw Updated 2024-02-17 04:54:36

Exercise 33: Linked List Algorithms

I'm going to cover two algorithms for a linked list that involve sorting. I'm going to warn you first that if you need to sort the data, then don't use a linked list. These are horrible for sorting things, and there are much better data structures you can use if that's a requirement. I'm covering these two algorithms because they are slightly difficult to pull off with a linked list, and get you thinking about how to efficently manipulate them.

In the interest of writing this book, I'm going to put the algorithms in two different files list_algos.h and list_algos.c then write a test in list_algos_test.c. For now, just follow my structure, since it keeps things clean, but if you ever work on other libraries, remember that this isn't a common structure.

In this exercise, I'm also going to give you an extra challenge and I want you to try not to cheat. I'm going to give you the unit test first, and I want you to type it in. Then, I want you to try and implement the two algorithms based on their descriptions in Wikipedia before seeing if your code looks like my code.

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