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Created by Zed A. Shaw Updated 2024-02-17 04:54:36

09: Available Help Resources

This module is a simple list of links for everything that will help you with this course. It's a compendium of changing resources that I build as I work on the course. It starts with the help resources I created for you, and then lists other places on the internet to find information. I also give you quick tips on how to use each resource why you may need it.

  1. Once you register you can join a Discord channel for the course and get help directly from Zed. When you request the Discord invite you'll have a limited time to join, so act fast. If you don't use it in time then email help@learnjsthehardway.com and I can reset your invite.
  2. Discord will also let you Direct Message (DM) me if you don't want to ask for help in a group setting.
  3. You can also email Zed directly at help@learnjsthehardway.com to get help.
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