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Learn JavaScript the Hard Way

This is a large course that will eventually be a complete course in web development from nothing to your own commercial website. Learning to create a professional commercial website is a valuable educational experience, even if your goal is to never make money online.

NOTE: This course is in early access. It's not complete but does teach all of JavaScript that's relevant to the rest of the course.

Course Contents

This course contains the following modules and lessons. Every course offers free samples of the first 10 lessons so you can decide if you want to take the course, and excerpts from all lessons after that.

Module First Steps

Installing required software and advice for beginners.

Module HTML Basics

Learn how browsers structure the content you see using HTML tags.

Module CSS Basics

Learn a simple way to use CSS to style HTML.

Module JavaScript Level 1

Introduction to all of the basic elements of JavaScript.

Module JavaScript Level 2

A set of 10 small projects that refine and practice your JavaScript skills.

Learn JavaScript the Hard Way

An exercise based logical course in the most popular language in the world.

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