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09: A Frontend Development Process

The video for this exercise is slightly older, which is why the microphone is different, but the process it demonstrates is still the same. The only major change is I've refined blockstart since then, so the code in the video is slightly older. The code in this written part of the exercise is still accurate so refer to this lesson and the Blockstart documentation documentation for the accurate code.

You know the basics of HTML, and you know a similar amount of CSS, but how do you turn that into a working web page? Simply knowing all the HTML tags and all the CSS attributes isn't enough. You need something called a "process" that will guide you in your first web pages. A process is something artists use to remove a lot of the cognitive overload involved in creating complex visual experiences. By following a process as a beginner you can focus on applying what you know without also trying to figure out what to do next.

I like to call these "personal processes" or "creative processes" so that they aren't confused with the team oriented processes you find in software. The team processes are things like Scrum, Agile Development, XP, and other techniques for managing a large group of people. A personal process is one you can follow on your own to get your idea out of your head, which is also why I could call them a "creative process." Let's just call these "Personal Creative Processes" or PCP for short.

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