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Created by Zed A. Shaw Updated 2024-07-21 04:57:00

00: Introduction

This module is being rewritten with a new idea.

Installing the ljsthw-bandolier

If you're jumping ahead to this module thing you'll need to install the ljsthw-bandolier tool so you can easily get the code for this module for reference. Read the instructions in this link to install it. If you did it right (or if you did it already) then confirm your tool with this:

npx bando-up --version
npx bando-up help

Once you've installed it you can use the bando-up command to install code for this module with this command:

npx bando-up create --using js-level-2-projects --keep-git my-js-level-2

If you'd rather use git directly then do:

git clone git+

This will give you my code for these projects so you can compare it to your attempts. I suggest only looking at this code if you're stuck, or if you're curious about how mine compares to yours after you're done.

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