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Created by Zed A. Shaw Updated 2024-02-15 03:22:43

01: CSV is Easy...Right?

This is exercise 01 of JavaScript Level 2 in Learn JavaScript the Hard Way. It is meant to be done as a challenge with incorrect starting code that you are expected to fix and improve. I repeat, this code is incorrect on purpose so you can fix it and attempt to do better.

  • step1.js -- Use two projects to get CSV samples and try to write a simple parser that can parse all of the samples.
  • step2.js -- This is a starter in case you are stuck, but it still fails and would fail on many CSV files. CSV is more complex than its name lets on.
  • step3.js -- Take your parser and use the deep-equal project to compare your results to the csv-spectrum project's tests.
  • step4.js -- Let's up the game and make this a unit test with ava, except it doesn't work because of promises/async/await not working with callbacks and events.
  • step5.js -- First solution to step4.js that uses Promise directly to wrap callbacks and events.
  • step6.js -- Second solution that uses util.promisify to convert the spectrum callback to a Promise automatically.

If you attempt this challenge then point me at your solution at @lzsthw and I'll take a look.

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