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Created by Zed A. Shaw Updated 2024-02-15 03:22:43

05: Static Blog Generator

This exercise has you use a templating system, and what you've learned from Ex 04 to process a directory of .md files and convert them to .html files. This is a simple static blog generator, but as with all of the previous exercises you're goal is to push it as far as you can trying as many techniques as you can.

Solve Markdown, then Design

Since you've gone through the HTML and CSS portions of the course you should be able to create a decent starter CSS, but I highly suggest you just create a quick one using blockstart.css or even grab a premade "classless CSS" to get started. You can also use the one from the course at which will get you started as well, and is also a classless CSS.

I recommend getting your markdown processing right, then take the time to design your blog with CSS. However, if you're stuck then try doing the design first using fake text and use that to process your markdown files.

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