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06: A First Web Application

In this exercise you'll create a "classic" web application. What this means is:

  1. Browsers make requests for a URL, like /posts/01-my-first-post/.
  2. Your application receives the request, and generates the HTML.
  3. Your application then returns that HTML to the browser which displays it.

This is a deceptively simple process that will combine what you've learned so far with the Express.js project version 4.x. Express.js is a minimalist web application server with good documentation that should be easy for you to use. It's the one I use throughout the course.

Your Application Features

Your application should do the following things:

  1. Handle requests for blog posts and dynamically load the .md file to return HTML.
  2. Use a template system that's separate from the blog contents.
  3. Load configuration data from a file in secrets/config.json.
  4. The configuration file should let you change important things about the blog like it's title, author, etc. and it will render the entire design with the new settings.
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