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07: Access a SQLite3 Database

You'll now learn the basics of a project named knex.js to access a SQLite3. You'll need to create a database for the next exercise that stores TODO lists, so you might want to check out the next exercise to get an idea of where this database is going.

Step 1: Migrations

To do this you'll first need to learn how to create a migration that creates your database. The documentation for migrations is in the knex.js migrations documentation. You're specifically looking at how to use createTable and dropTable in a migration.

Your TODO list table should have the following fields:

  1. id - the primary id for the row. Use table.increments('id') to do this.
  2. updated_at and created_at -- you can use table.timestamps(true, true) to automatically generate these.
  3. completed -- This is a boolean value, but you'll find that booleans are weird in SQLite3 and are treated as integers.
  4. description -- The actual text for the TODO item.

Once you have these think about other things you want in a TODO list and add them too. You don't need to keep making migrations for every change, just rollback this one, update it, and add more.

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