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08: A TODO List Website

You have your TODO database, a module to use it, and a test to make sure the module keeps working. You also know how to create a web application that can accept requests and return HTML responses.

You are now going to combine these things to create a simple TODO list web application. Your web application should do the following:

  1. Use forms, checkboxes, and buttons (at a minimum) in the UI for the TODO list.
  2. Store the changes the user makes in the database you've made.
  3. Use command line options in the Express.js application to let people change the startup options for port, host, and database.
  4. Use a template that lets you change the design without changing the main UI templates. This is a "layout template".
  5. Advanced Support searching for TODOs.
  6. Advanced Support pagination, which means if I have 1000 TODOs then you only show 25 and I can "page through" the results.
  7. Super Advanced Use ava and Playwright to write a UI test for your application.

For pagination, look at the knex-paginate project for help doing it.

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